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Bible Text: Exodus 23:20-33

In the sermon for today, we shall take a closer look on how divine assistance from God can lead you in fulfilling your destiny. This passage of the bible is about the Israelites after the Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had brought them out of the four hundred and thirty years of captivity in Egypt and had discomfited all the adversaries against them starting from Pharaoh and his host perishing in the red sea in Exodus 14:30 to the defeat of Amalek in Exodus 17:13-14 and to the handing over of the ten commandments, laws, statutes and ordinances to the children of Israel through Moses at mount Sinai for the Israelites to keep and observe throughout their generations. For the Israelites to keep enjoying the presence of God and the assistance for them to get to the place God had promised their forefathers (Abraham, Isaac and Israel), God had to established these commandments, laws, statutes and ordinances as a guide so that they will not provoke God to anger. The bible said in Habakkuk 1:13 that our God is Holy to behold evil. God wanted to maintain a close relationship with His children and does not want them to sin against Him because sin is going to severe that relationship according to the Word of God in Isaiah 59:1-2.

In the text of the sermon, we can see that the Almighty God is abundantly able to keep and guide His children accordingly because He specifically gave that promises to them, but they (the children of Israel) will have to obey the instructions given to them through those commandments, laws, statutes and ordinances for God to fight their enemies according to verse 22 of the text. The Almighty God had to send an angel ahead of them because every genuine child of God is assigned an angel as stated in Hebrews 1:14 to enforce God's plan and purpose for your destiny to be actualized. If we follow closely the text of the sermon, you will see that the angel is to accomplish the following for the Israelites.

1.       To enforce the Covenant of God with Abraham, Isaac and Israel by bringing them into the land that He had sworn to give them in Exodus 6:2-4 and Exodus 23:23. The word of God in Psalm 103:20-21 said that the angels are to do God's commandments.

2.       To establish God's protection for the Israelites on their journey to the land of Canaan by keeping them in the way according to verse 1. The Word of God in Psalm 91:11-12 said that they will keep and protect them on the journey.

3.       To provide deliverance for the Israelites because God knows that the journey will be met with resistance from the adversaries like the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hivites and Jebusites so that they may be cut off according to verse 23. The Word of God in Psalm 34:1 said that the angel of God surrounds those that fear Him and He, the Almighty God ensure deliverance for such a person.

As we journey into our God's given destiny in this year 2023, let us remember to put our angels to work for us because the Word of God said in Hebrews 1:13-14 that they are ministering spirit being sent by God to those who are heirs of Salvation. That is believers like you and I.  I know you may be wondering about how do I put my angel to work for me? It is by praying continuously. The word of God in Acts 12:5 that prayer was made for Peter without ceasing of the church unto God for him. And in Acts 12:7, the God that said behold I send my angel ahead of you dispatch an angel to bring Peter out of the prison. That is what is called fervent prayers!

What else should you do? You should make the Word of God (the bible) an important part of your daily routine. Read your bible and note the promises of God concerning you and start appropriating it in your supplications to the God of Heaven. This is what Daniel did in Daniel 9-2. He read the word of God that was prophesied by Prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 29 and was able to discern that they have spent the 70 years earmarked by God for the Israelites to stay in Babylon and he (Daniel) began to pray and God had to dispatch angel Gabriel to him.

In conclusion, if you must attain your God's given destiny in this year 2023, you must completely give your life to Jesus Christ. You must let Jesus Christ be the anchor of your Soul in this year 2023 and beyond. The Word of God in Hebrew 6:19 said that Christ is our hope and serves as an anchor for us both sure and steadfast. I want to believe that we have seen an anchor used in holding a ship in the storm. According to the dictionary, it is a device dropped by a chain, cable, or rope to the bottom of a body of water for preventing or restricting the motion of a vessel or other floating object, typically having broad, hook like arms that bury themselves in the bottom of the sea to provide a firm hold. And I pray for you that you will attain your destiny in the Mighty Name of Jesus. This year 2023, you will arrive at your Canaan land, the land that is full of milk and honey. I mean, you will have complete rest from your struggles in the areas of your health, finances, academic challenges, work, business and freedom to serve God in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Let Us Pray!

Our Dear Heavenly Father, we come boldly unto the throne of grace in this year 2023 and beyond and we pray that you dispatch the angel which you have assigned to us to take us to the Promised Land in Jesus Name. Amen!