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Bible Text: 2 Samuel 5: 1-12

The sermon for today is centred on Contenders of Destinies. There are so many spiritual forces contending for our destinies. And in this sermon, we shall be taking a journey into the Word of God to learn about David and the Jebusites. David rose to greatness started from when Saul, the appointed king of Israel disobeyed God's instruction. The bible said in 1 Samuel 16:1 to Samuel to fill his horn with oil and go to Jesse's house where he will find the right person that had been selected to lead Israel as a king. And in 1 Samuel 16:13, we were told that David was anointed and the spirit of God came upon him from that day onward and he began to do the impossibility. He defeated Goliath, he was hated by the incumbent King Saul and he started living as a fugitive and running for his dear life as Saul wanted to exterminate him. He could not become what God intended him to become immediately despite he has been chosen by God to be the king. Then eventually David was finally assisted by God to get to throne after the death of King Saul that the" Jebusites" in 2 Samuel 5: 6 refused him to have complete control of his destiny. I pray for you at this point that whoever or whatever represents the Jebusites that has vowed that they would not let you get to where God ordained for you in destiny, they shall be exterminated in Jesus Name. Amen!

Who are the Jebusites?

They are the original inhabitants of Jebus otherwise known as Jerusalem. They are descendants of Canaan, Son of Ham accord in to Genesis 10:15-16.

What does the Jebusites Spirit do?

The Jebusites spirit ignores all God had accomplished through you and can still do through you by weakening your hands. Take for instance, God used David to win many victories, including the killing of Goliath, the saving of the city of Keilah from enemy's attacks etc. However, the Jebusites ignored all these and started taunting David in front of his associates, commanders and supporters to weaken David. The Jebusites spirit is a contender of destiny that will not allow people to get to their throne. I pray for you again, you that is reading or listening to this sermon that in the name of Jesus Christ that whatever that is contending with your rising, this new year 2023, the Lord God Almighty would intervene and give you victory, the same way He had given David victory over all his enemies in Jesus Name. Amen!

When the adversary’s opposition from Goliath, Saul and the Philistines failed in preventing David's decoration, by the time he was decorated with kingship, the Jebusites refused him entry into the headquarters of his Kingdom. Not only was entry refused, they started taunting, hurling insults and antagonizing David, but the bible says in 2 Samuel 5:7 nevertheless David defeated the Jebusites, took the city, renamed it the "City of David" "The Stronghold of Zion" and ruled from there. The bible says in Isaiah 62:12 that they shall call them “The Holy people, The Redeemer of the LORD; and they shall be called Sought Out, A City Not Forsaken”. I Pray for you in this new year 2023 that you shall be called "The Holy people, The Redeemer of the LORD; and shall be called, Sought Out and Not Forsaken in Jesus Name. As the Jebusites failed concerning David, your antagonists will fail concerning you in Jesus Name. Since they could not prevent David from sitting on his throne, you too will not be prevented from sitting on your throne of glory in Jesus Mighty Name.

What Will Happen To The Jebusites Spirit?

The bible in Joshua 3:10 declared that they will not prevail at last and will be driven out. No matter how powerful they may be, the contender of your destiny will be silenced permanently in Jesus Name. The same way, the Almighty God silenced the Jebusites concerning David, Daniel and Mordecai, will He silent them for you. You will get to your throne of glory. Your throne signifies your place of honour, glory, accomplishment and progress. You will get there in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!

Some contenders of destinies were silenced permanently as in the case of a man born lame in Acts 3:8-10, and Peter have the man lameness silenced forever. I pray for you that the work and the spirit of the Jebusites will be silenced forever in your life, family and destiny in Jesus Mighty Name! As King Nebuchadnezzar's harsh words were changed to soft words of lifting, praise, admiration and promotion in Daniel 3:19 and Daniel 3:28-30. I pray for you that where people have been harsh on you or relegated you to the back, may they begin to favour you in Jesus Name. According to the word of God in Psalm 66:12, the Word of God said that you have caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but you brought us out into a wealthy place. May you come into a glorious and wealthy place, prevail over every contender and fulfill your God given purpose in life in Jesus Mighty Name! Amen.

Let Us Pray!

Almighty Father, we pray in the Name of Jesus Christ, that every contender of our destiny be silenced permanently in Jesus Name. Even, if they come one way, may they continue to fail concerning us and the fulfilment of our destiny in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!