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Bible Text: Proverbs 13:20

From the bible text, I would like to set the stage by quoting a popular quotation that says "show me your friends and I will tell you who you are? In today's sermon, we shall look at the story of Amnon and Jonadab in 2 Samuel 13. This is the story that turn into a tragedy for David because three of his children were involved in this story. The names of the three children involved in this story are Amnon, Absalom and Tamar. The bible in 1 Chronicles 3:1-2 says that Amnon was David first born through his wife Ahinoam, the Jezreelites and Absalom is the third son born to him through his wife Maachah. We were told in 2 Samuel 13:1 that Tamar was the junior sister of Absalom and fair in complexion. The story will not be complete if we do not know who Jonadab was? The bible in 2 Samuel 13:3 says that Amnon had a friend called Jonadab, the son of Shimeah David's brother and this Jonadab was a very subtle man. Meaning, he is a cunning or crafty person, his ways are not straight. What he tells you today will be different from what he will tell you tomorrow.

Now, let me tell you the background to the whole story. Amnon is getting infatuated to his half sister who is a sister to Absalom from the same father, David but different mothers between Amnon and Absalom to the extent that he (Amnon) fell sick for his sister Tamar. Jonadab, being a friend to Amnon notices his friend in 2 Samuel 13:4 and ask him what is wrong with him and Amnon voiced out that he is lusting for his half sister, Tamar. The dictionary defines a friend as "a person attaches to another by feelings of affection or personal regard." So, rather than Jonadab to tell his friend Amnon that the lust he is having for his sister is dangerous and can lead to death or have consequences for him, he rather prefers to show Amnon affection and gave him a deceptive advice in 2 Samuel 13:5-6 which he (Amnon) was pleased with the advice to deceive his father, so as to send his half sister to his home.

In 2 Samuel 13:7-15, the bible said Tamar was instructed by his father David to go to her brother's house and cook for him as requested by Amnon. So, Tamar followed the instruction of his father David and went to his half brother's house to cook for him. In the process of Tamar being in Amnon's house cooking for him that Amnon's lust passion for his sister grew and lured his half sister to bring the food to him inside the bedroom and eventually forced her into laying with him despite the resistance put forward by Tamar, but she was overpowered by Amnon. Amnon, now violated God's ordinances in Leviticus 18:9. Whenever you violated God's Laws, Commandments, Ordinances and Statures, there are consequences that must be paid by the violator except such a person seek God's forgiveness and mercy.

The bible said in 2 Samuel 13:15 that as soon as Amnon has satisfied his passion for lusting after his half sister, he immediately developed hatred for her and the hatred was greater than the love he had for her before perpetuating the act. The truth of the matter is that Absalom, the direct brother to Tamar heard of what Amnon had done to his sister but pretended as if he was not angry, but their father David was wroth according to 2 Samuel 13:20-22.

Amnon, therefore violated God's ordinances for which God Himself indicated the punishment in Leviticus 18:29 that whosoever shall commit this abomination, the soul of such a person shall be cut off from among their people. So, Absalom waited for almost two years to allow everything to be forgotten before carrying out the vengeance for his sister by killing his brother Amnon.

The bible in 2 Samuel 13:30-33 said that when David, their father heard about the incident of the killing of his first son that he tore his garment, but this same bad friend, Jonadab was the person who broke the bad tidings to King David and advising the King not to take the thing to his heart, that it's only Amnon that is dead! After all the King still have other sons. What a wicked friend?!!!!

My questions for you this morning are:

1.     What type of friend are you keeping? Is it the type that will seek your progress, welfare, success or the one that will lure you into a death trap as in the case of Jonadab?

2.     Are you keeping a friend that will lure you into trouble?

3.     Did the friends you are keeping have a future plan of becoming a successful person in life that will motivate you?

4.     Did your friend know Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Saviour and thereby walking in the way of the Lord?

All these questions are meant for us to ponder upon. Jesus Christ said in John 15:14-15 that you will be His friend if you do His command and He went further to say that He no longer call you servants, but a friend. Jesus gave an invitation in Matthew 11:28-30 that if you are under heavy laden and tired of the load, you should come to him and He will give you rest. He emphasis that His own yoke is easy and burden light.

Are you here today and ready to give your heavy load to Jesus, you can come out and I will pray for you?

In conclusion, William Charles Fry who lives in London between 1937 -19882 wrote a popular song for the Salvation Army. The song is "I have found a friend in Jesus". If you listen and follow the lyrics of the songs, you will notice that the song was inspired by the Holy Spirit. May be the song too can minister to your situation too!

Let Us Pray!

Almighty God, The Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for anyone who by the reason of this sermon purpose in his or her heart to completely surrender all and gave his or her life to you henceforth to manage, that you will show mercy and accept such a person in your love and grant him mercy and pardon the sins committed and from this moment that you, Almighty God will continue to lead such a person through the Power of the Holy Spirit in the right direction for the fulfillment of his or her Kingdom purpose in life in Jesus Name. Amen!